You know the game. You know how to play. In fact you probably know all there is to know. This is a great mobile version of the old favourite. The graphics are nice and clear with great kaboom effects when you score a direct hit. It has all the feel of playing the board game which is difficult to achieve and the computer ranges from being a beatable challenge to a tough old sea dog.

The sound does all you want, some missiles away-style effects with a bit of booming and blasting when you get lucky. I really like this one, you should get it.

Try to sink all five of your opponent's ships before your own are found and sunk. Choose from two skill levels and play against the computer or with friends using one or multiple handheld devices.

Realistic game sounds and rich media graphics make this officially licensed version the ultimate classic battleship game. Play in Salvo mode where your number of shots is determined by the number of ships remaining in each player’s fleet. Game statistics are displayed after one fleet is found and sunk.

Battleship features:

  • Statistics presented at the end of the game
  • Realistic game sounds
  • Rich media graphical help system
  • Adjustable game volume and speed
  • Salvo game variant with number of shots determined by the number of ships remaining in each player's fleet
  • Traditional game play with alternating single shots
  • Chat room interaction prior to game



Battleship 1.63

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