Play the popular naval battle game on your Windows Phone device


  • Good animation
  • Lots of game modes
  • Xbox Live achievements and leaderboards


  • No online head-to-head play

Very good

Battleship is a slick Windows Phone recreation of the classic board game for the tablet age. The high graphics and authentic sound effects really bring the game alive on your mobile.

The object of Battleship for iPad is the same as it always was: to guess where your opponent is hiding their ships, taking it in terms to drop bombs (in the form of pegs) onto a grid. The look and feel of Battleship for Windows Phone is very much like the actual board game, only with some graphical effects and noises to liven things up. There are lots of attractive cut scenes in the game, too.

The Windows Phone version of Battleship gives you a choice of three different game modes: Classic, where you fire single shots until all ships have been sunk; Salvo, where you can fire as many shots at once as you have ships; and Super Weapons, where you have special weapons each with their own unique capabilities.

There's also a multiplayer mode in Battleship, where you can go head-to-head with other people locally over Bluetooth, WiFi, or using the same device. Unfortunately there's no way to go online and tackle opponents around the world, though there is Xbox Live support that allows you to view online leaderboards.

The gameplay in Battleship is addictive, and the addiction of achievements, promotions, and new weapons for good performance only serves to add more life into the title.

If you're a fan of the board game, then this version of Battleship is well worth installing on your Windows Phone device.




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